Tour a spacious farmhouse – its expansive kitchen is a real gem

This Virginia farmhouse from Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc., has a colonial style that is impossible to miss. From rock walls to red barns to flintlock rifles decorating the kitchen, it maintains a throw-back theme that keeps visitors interested from the moment they arrive. Outside, you’ll find a comfortable porch and a large rustic barn. Inside, you’ll find all the comforts that modern living demands.
This is a home that perfectly threads new and old into a wonderful new theme. It’s a Virginia farmhouse that Washington and Jefferson would truly envy!
What a stunning exterior! Red barn; white fences; strong landscaping walls. This is an exterior that makes even the most metropolitan city-dweller appreciate slow-paced country living.
Looking in from the front, you can see how the view through the home is stunning and expansive.
The front porch holds classic rocking chairs, decorative plants, and fine gray decking, but the view from the porch steals all the attention.
This hallway is the perfect example of the interior style. Rustic yet sophisticated wood floors provide a foundation for clean white and red wall colors and comfortable yet useful furnishings.
The large center island in the kitchen has enough space to prepare a meal for any hungry group. The exterior view is stunning during any season, but the classic flintlock rifles adorning the stove overhead create the perfect colonial theme. Perfect for a Virginia farmhouse!
The living room is well-stocked with plush furniture, yet it remains comfortably uncrowded. The sailboat decoration and large clock along the left wall create an old-world style.
The bedroom remains rustic without sacrificing modern comforts. The blue table cloth accentuates the rooms cool, cozy design.
Around back, you get a great view of the barn’s size and structure. It has plenty of room to move equipment thanks to the large painted sliding doors. The rock wall along the side gives it a rustic, old-world image.
What do you think is the most unforgettable part of this home? Do you love the rock foundation of the barn or the breath-taking view? Share your thoughts now!

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