Step inside a grand farmhouse renovation with a charming kitchen and sleek bathroom

Charming and warm. That seems to be the best way to describe the Haverford Renovation from Rasmussen / Su Architects. This home combines elements of traditional design, such as wood floors and oval mirrors, as well as modern touches, such as the glass-enclosed walk-in shower.
From the moment you arrive, you get the sense that this home has an unmatched style. Inside and out, this is a place that stays with you long after you leave.
The property has a welcoming charm that is established before you even step foot in the house. The exterior, which holds a large porch, pristine landscaping, and a tall shady tree, invites you along, while the dark shutters against the light exterior create a stylish balance.
While the porch has a roof to protect you from rain showers, it still allows you to take in fresh air while enjoying reading, a conversation, or quiet relaxation.
This interior hallway perfectly exemplifies the country style of the home. With natural materials, such as the wood flooring, leather chair cushion, and wood stair rail, the home maintains a traditional character.
The kitchen is perfect for cooking, gathering with friends, and having a great time with family. The deep countertops complement the light walls and upper cabinetry, while the wood floors surely bring compliments from visitors!
This built-in hutch is one of the best examples of traditional farmhouse style found throughout the home. At the edge of the kitchen, this hutch provides storage utility with tasteful elegance.
This room holds the classic elements of a traditional bathroom with the modern conveniences of 21st-century living. The white sink and tub give it a rustic charm, while the walk-in glass shower provides convenience and comfort.
The living room has the perfect combination of rich colors and light tones. Rich colors include the rug and chairs, while the light tones are seen on the painting and couch.
The back of the home has unique features that give the home a cottage-like appearance. This is especially true thanks to the tall, steep roof, designer shutters, and rock wall at the foot of the house.
What do you think of the Haverford Renovation? Would you rather relax in the living room or sip a beverage on the porch? Share your thoughts today!
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