Check out 7 gorgeous farmhouses that you'll definitely envy

1. The Moreland Farmhouse
In Moreland, Georgia, sits a remarkable 1890s farmhouse that has a style that has remained beautiful for over a century. The 6-bedroom 1-bathroom farmhouse boasts an impressive 4,552 square feet, and it's surrounded by 5 and a half acres of gorgeous countryside.
2. Life on the Shady Grove
This gorgeous, light-filled farmhouse by Life on the Shady Grove was purchased as a foreclosure in 2010. When the owners bought it, the exterior was green and brown, but Wendy Durnwald had always wanted a white farmhouse. After extensive work, the exterior—as well as most of the interior—is a cheerful white, with red accents.
3. Tennessee Farmhouse Cottage
This peaceful Tennessee farmhouse cottage doesn't look exceptionally impressive from the outside, but the inside of it is a dream come true. The house is surrounded by a horse pasture, and horses can be seen from all angles in the house. While the exterior looks aged, the interior of the home was renovated in 2015.
4. The Hammmade Furniture Farmhouse
Tim and Natalie Hamm own the furniture design website Hammmade Furniture, and the couple has also amassed an impressive number of followers on their Instagram page. On it, the family shares furniture creations they're working on, and also photos from their own beautiful Farmhouse. As designers of rustic furniture, the couple has a keen eye for what makes a country home beautiful.
5. Holly Ridge Farmhouse
This divine farmhouse sits in the Wisconsin countryside, and it's surrounded by wonderful views of the state's natural landscapes. The home is a classic farmhouse to the core – it has all the traditional features that have made farmhouses so famous: multiple pointed roofs, large windows, and a porch that wraps around the base of the estate.
6. Classic Revival Farmhouse
It's been over a century since this beautiful Revival farmhouse was originally built, but it still has a commanding presence. The house has been meticulously maintained -- despite the decades of wear and tear, the farmhouse still manages to look as if it was built yesterday. All of the trims and flourishes of the home's exterior are intact, and the large front columns, a trademark of the Revival style, look right as rain.
7. Rankin Road Farmhouse
This North Carolina dream farmhouse was recently put on the market, and Julia from Hooked on Houses was quick to do some online sleuthing in order to get a sneak peek inside the gorgeous home. On the John Marshall Custom House website, she was able to check out the building's interior, which had recently been redesigned.
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