This farmhouse "she shed" is so beautiful, you should see the house that goes with it

White and bright are the two words that come to mind when it comes to the home of blogger, Erin Kern. She features her home and decor on her blog, Cotton Stem and as well on her gorgeous Instagram account.
The photos just effortlessly flow and you can get sucked in for hours looking at her beautiful home. Her style matches that of Joanna Gaines and she has managed to create and design a magazine worthy home. Just take a look at these photos and see for yourself!
Who wouldn't want to come home to this!? Talk about a stellar entryway. Erin has four daughters and I am sure that this stunning entryway makes organizing all their belongings easy all while looking beautiful.
They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and this simplistic but beautiful kitchen looks like the perfect place to prepare family meals.
The dining room table is set and ready for entertaining and who wouldn't want to entertain in this room. From the farmhouse style wood floors all the way up to that eye-catching chandelier. This room has it all!
This is staging done right! The little pops of yellow in this entryway are spectacular and add just the right amount of color. Plus, that gather sign makes this space feel so inviting.
If you really want to make a statement in your home, follow Erin's lead and hang a chandelier that is sure to catch anyone's eye. I love this beaded one. Let's talk about that fireplace — the wood mantle breaks up the white but in the best way.
An armoire full of white dishes and blankets makes a great addition to the living room and provides a great piece of decor that you can't take your eyes off of.
A bedroom made of dreams. An impressive display of embroidery hoops adorn the top of the headboard for a unique piece of decor. It's little touches like these that make this home amazing.
Also in this gorgeous bedroom is a vintage style mantle and a perfect little spot to sit. The neutral tones in this sitting area are absolutely divine.
Erin continues her fantastic design skills outside and to her stunning "she shed". This is an 80 sq ft space where she can create and write in peace. This tiny shed is as quaint and beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.
Everything about her design style is swoon worthy and you could spend hours upon hours browsing through her dazzling photos.
If you have some time check out her Instagram account and see the rest of her photos.

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