This home may not look like a typical farmhouse on the outside but the inside will totally amaze you

How fortuitous that the owner of this magnificent Canadian home in a traditional farmhouse style is young, energetic and passionate about her roots in Olds, Alberta. Further, while Deborah's family calls this eclectic structure house and home, it also stands as a living museum -- kind of a massive trophy case, if you will -- for Deborah's line of stylish knickknacks which she sells through her business B Vintage Style.
Her tagline is appropriate: "Crafter, designer, Mommy," she says on her Facebook page. About her business: "Loving all things vintage and rustic chic!" she adds.
So picture a young Martha Stewart from Canada, specifically from a dot on the map an hour north of Calgary. And see if her splendid farmhouse isn't just the living embodiment of all things stylish from a small town in the blustery north.
This house has welcoming appeal from every angle. In the first place, it has a roof line that is amusing and stylish and then there's the wrap around porch that always says, "at least knock on the door, if you're around."
Above, you can see one of the samples of "rustic chic," a simple, unpainted, portable flower basket made of wood and a table with elegant, bird-like legs.
From top to bottom, inside and out, you will find the color scheme consistent in this house. It starts and ends with the color white, which is offset by simple, functional items, like this iron stove and by the glossy wooden flooring.
Did we mention how welcoming this house truly is? Well, that doesn't apply on All Hallows Eve, the Canadian equivalent of Halloween!
Style in Canada relies on natural materials, including wood, pumpkin gourds and woven baskets, which seem to be in every room of the house.
The roomy living room continues the white color scheme and shows the owner's fondness for simple, rustic furnishings.
Every room is welcoming, including the doormat, which is turned to face the photographer in this picture.
The picture above displays the "crafter" side of the home owner. Mason jars make wonderful lanterns. Just add a candle and arrange them along a ribbon of evergreens.
Eventually a warm welcome in any country home leads to the kitchen. The marble top table is the perfect touch. Notice, as well, the coffee grinder on the far wall.
Country chic extends from the simple matting for a rug to the chandelier that looks crafted by a blacksmith with elegant taste.
This table is straddling the line between rough hewn and polished and doing it beautifully.
A sitting room with a white throw rug also says "welcome," especially close to Christmas time.
The white couch suggests a sudden revelation: Country styling might just do fairly well in a big city environment, too. (If push came to shove, that is.)
Just a few of these finishing touches in every room defines this elegant country home.
Actually, hints don't always work, so just come out and say it: "Stay a while." Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?
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