Take a peek inside this stunning waterfront farmhouse

A quick glance at Holly’s Instagram account will give you a sense of how she has transformed a farmhouse into a pretty home. It is full of vignettes and little corners that contain interesting details, and yet you don’t feel it is cluttered.
Holly cleverly mixes vintage items with regular store finds. With her personal taste and sense of style, she is able to assemble pieces that go well together. What you see are living spaces that are more chic than shabby.
The house also undergoes a transformation regularly as Holly changes the décor of the house depending on the season or the holidays. She puts out big wooden hearts for Valentine's Day, a bowl of colored eggs for Easter, vases of flowers for spring, red, white and blue for Fourth of July, pumpkins for autumn, and trees and garlands for Christmas. This keeps the house fresh and exciting.
A big comfortable couch with throw pillows and sofa blankets casually draped over a favorite sitting corner can definitely make the living room look more cozy and inviting. The beautiful soft gray patterned rug adds chic to the otherwise plain laminate flooring.
If you have a room with a view, take a tip from Holly and get a chair that can spin so you can fully enjoy the scenery outside your window.
You don’t need big heirloom furniture to give your home a sense of personal heritage. As Holly demonstrates, adding ordinary items (if they came from people who are special to you) such as grandma’s stool and grandpa’s watering can are meaningful touches that display your close connection to family.
The open design of the kitchen, with natural light filtering in, gives this room a welcome sense of spaciousness. The granite countertop is simply beautiful.
Fresh flowers in pots and vases are a recurring theme in Holly’s home. And why not? They are beautiful and inexpensive – more so if you pick them from your own garden. It’s an easy way to add color and life to any room.
A cocoa bar is a wonderful idea for a corner or other small space. And you can change what’s on it depending on the season, just as Holly does. How about a pop-up lemonade stand in summer? The vintage wooden cabinet adds to the homey vibe.
Another useful idea is setting up a craft space right next to the laundry area. While a load of wash is spinning in the machine, you can keep your hands busy making things to decorate your home.
You can’t help but be drawn to this sumptuous bed. It’s big yet cozy. The light gray headboard is a perfect foil for the immaculate white bed cover. It's easy to imagine yourself sinking into the quilt’s light and airy softness and drifting away into deep slumber.
Never underestimate the power that the bedding you choose has to totally change the look and feel of a room. Discreet details such as the ruffles on the edges of the bedsheet tells you this room was thoughtfully put together for the young lady who sleeps here.
Who says storage in the bathroom always needs to be hidden? By taking two pieces of wood, staining them to match and fixing them on your wall, you instantly have open shelves to carry extra towels and bath soaps in pretty containers that automatically serve as décor as well.
When the sun is out, spend as much time as you can outdoors. A couple of chairs and the good company of family or friends are all you need to while away the hours and create fond memories in this happy space.
Blue sky and blue water; a cup of your favorite brew; your kitty and you. Can the day get any better than this?

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