This 180-year-old farmhouse is full of upcycling treasures

Most married couples with small children like to go out for an occasional date night, but Garry and Suzanne have their own idea of the perfect outing together. They start at 8:00 a.m. and then drive across the countryside to prowl around old barns. They share a passion for collecting antiques and breathing new life into them.
Once they refinish these treasures, they often find a new purpose for them in their home, a 180-year-old farmhouse they're renovating. At 2,800 square feet, the house is the ideal location to showcase their discoveries. Just recently they also opened a new shop named Upcycling Junkies where others can benefit from their talent and good taste. The shop's rustic farmhouse decor has a devoted clientele, which means that in order to build up their inventory, these junkies will be going on a lot more dates.
A welcoming message is hand-painted on a galvanized bucket that is filled with flowers. It rests on the wide front porch of the farmhouse inside an antique wagon that the couple discovered in an old barn.
The entryway of their farmhouse is the first opportunity to admire the original hardwood floors of the home. Nana, the Newfoundlander (her name is from Peter Pan, of course), is there to welcome visitors to the home. The antique coat rack holds a market bag that was a gift from Suzanne's mom and carries flowers today. Suzanne painted the front door in her favorite shade of eggshell blue, a color that continues throughout the home.
In the kitchen, the pantry door is from a set of antique French doors that Garry discovered abandoned in a local restaurant. Suzanne painted the door the same eggshell blue as the front door, distressed it, and then added the "Pantry" decal. The beautiful sink has a drainboard and copper faucet. It rests atop a custom built wooden countertop with a live edge that matches the custom shelves above. The white cabinets, subway tile and shiplap walls provide a clean contrast with the warmth of the wood. Just to the right of the pantry is a coffee and tea nook in the corner.
The couple worked together to complete this range hood project. They acquired the antique crown molding on one of their picks and attached it to
a vent insert that they found on an online marketplace. Suzanne painted the hood to match the chippy look on the molding. It's a work of art and a centerpiece in the kitchen.
The decor in their kitchen is filled with tiny treasures like these items. Garry created the custom cutting board, and there are more just like it available in their store. Delicate flowers fill a small jar that rests atop a stack of antique books. The scale is a surprise that Garry discovered on a pick and gave to Suzanne for her birthday.
The kitchen table came from an online marketplace and has a great story behind it. The top is made of reclaimed wood that came from an old church. The holes in the wood are the result of shots fired from a shotgun long ago. Suzanne painted the vintage pressed back chairs the same eggshell blue as her pantry door. She used dark wax on the back of the chairs to bring out the details. The shelves are 3-inch live edge pine, and they display gems from their collection such as the pig-shaped cutting boards, the green ceramic mugs and the old antifreeze can. Below the shelves is an old rotary iron in a matching shade of green.
The bedroom is an attractive combination of green and blue accents against the warm tone of the wood floor and the white shiplap walls. The headboard is made from two old doors that came from a cottage that was torn down. The rustic side table was a gift from Garry's mother. The soft white linens with lace trim drape easily next to the old blue trunk at the foot of the bed.
In the bathroom, the handsome black and white floor is peel and stick vinyl, proving how easy it is to add instant style to a space. The side table is made from a tree stump that a friend rescued from the dump and gave to the couple. The white beadboard wall contrasts smartly with the rustic table and stylish floor.
Garry and Suzanne's son always wanted a cabin bed, so Garry custom built this beautiful structure for him. The painted exterior and trim make it look truly rustic, and the antlers give it the feeling of a cabin in the woods. The hammock and play area underneath the bed give all three children a place to spend time together.
It was a great day when the family opened their new store, The Upcycling Junkies. The shop is filled with antique and custom furnishings that carry the same vintage feeling as the decor that fills the family farmhouse. All that time spent prowling through old barns has produced great rewards.
One of the reasons that Garry and Suzanne love antiques is because each item has a story to tell. They love to tell these stories as they give new life to each item. In so doing, they reveal what's important in their own lives. By honoring the past, cherishing family, and spending time together, these upcycling junkies are creating a charming story of their own.

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