This chic newly renovated farmhouse is the perfect Airbnb

Allison Bansen’s husband grew up on a farm in Ferndale, California. The couple always thought that they would take over the farm, but life took them in a different direction and they ended up in Allison’s hometown in Belmont, North Carolina. “Our hopes for giving our three boys a farm style life was not forgotten though so we set out to find a farm close to home where we could give our boys land to roam and even raise a few cattle,” she shares.
Luckily, they found a farm in Gastonia, which is just four miles from their current home. Transforming the place was a family affair because the couple, as well as both of Allison’s parents, worked on the renovations. Photographer Rachael Leigh masterfully captured the outcome of the project as can be seen from the photos that follow.
“Restoring this house meant more to me than just bringing it back to life. It was an opportunity for me to create a space that would bring love, memories, smiles, laughs and happiness to not only our wallet but our kids’ lives," Allison shares. “I want them someday to look back and remember this project and how hard it was but the reward was even greater.”
Chic and modern was the look that Allison was going for when she was looking for ideas for the farmhouse. She notes, “I wanted the house to feel new, fresh, light and updated but also keep the historic character of the house. So I set out to paint the entire house white.”
You can while away your time while enjoying a cup of tea in this red porch swing that matches the red brick steps. The features of the house that Allison is most proud of are the woods beams and planked ceilings. The DIY project turned out to be relatively inexpensive and straightforward.
The shade of black on the wrought iron fireplace provides contrast to the white walls of the living room that exudes a sense of spaciousness. A light brown sofa occupies one side of the room. Guests can relax by watching their favorite shows on the flat screen television mounted on the wall.
Preparing a meal is easy in this fully equipped kitchen. The island in the middle serves as an extra prep or serving space. The two exposed wood beams on the ceiling display an antique look.
Allison is proud of how the dining room turned out. She shares, “It is so warm and inviting and boasts of tons of memories. The table was handmade by my father while I stained the legs gray and used a mixture of stains for the top. The Blue Willow china is an antique from my grandmother’s attic. A must for any Southern dining room.”
Notice the exposed wood beams on the ceiling of this bedroom. Allison used the same technique she used for the beams in the kitchen, giving it an antique finish and gel stain. An oxidized bronze light fixture hangs over the wrought iron bed.
The bookcase in this bedroom features black paint, providing a stark contrast to the white wall. Plywood finished with gel stain forms the striking ceiling accented by a geometric light fixture. Original shiplap covers the walls.​
The kids’ room has a personal touch as Allison’s dad built the beds. The bare white walls keep things neutral. A simple gray lighting fixture hangs right above each bed.
The interplay of stark white and touches of soft black and gray in the home’s color palette carries over to this vanity area. The lighting fixtures over the sink adds drama to the small space.