Peek inside this farmhouse style home: The interior is next level

Kenzie’s Instagram account, is constantly updated with photos of the one-acre farmhouse in Utah where she lives together with her husband and their four children. In one of her posts, she shared that when she and her husband were growing up, neither of them had any property. When they got their house, they spent countless hours watching videos online and reading articles to educate themselves on how to run a farm.
Kenzie takes on a very hands-on approach when it comes to decorating her home. Whether it’s a big project such as landscaping or a small one like making a wreath, she tries as much as possible to do it herself. It is a hobby that she enjoys and her passion for creating a beautiful home for her family is evident.
A simple wreath adorns the front door which has been painted in Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. Decorative flowers were placed in a variety of containers such as a small bucket, a tiny water can and a wood crate. The welcome mat adds to the inviting atmosphere of the space.
Sometimes all you need is a few things to decorate a space. A small table filled with a variety of items, depending on the season, is placed on one side of the entryway. A few framed photos hang on the wall. A simple rug with fringes completes the look of the space.
The living room is a great place for the family to gather and relax on the couch while watching their favorite shows on the flatscreen TV. A fireplace adds a feeling of coziness and warmth to the room while the ceiling fan provides a cool breeze during the hotter months of the year.
There is a lot of storage space in this predominantly white kitchen courtesy of the numerous built-in cabinets. The huge silver refrigerator takes a commanding presence on one side of the room. The island is useful for eating breakfast right in the kitchen.
Two side tables with two identical lamps flank this queen-sized bed from RC Willey. Assorted pillows, a comforter and a throw blanket add an interesting mix of patterns and textures to the space. Located at the foot of the bed is an original ammunition trunk from World War 2 which Kenzie found in the classifieds.
Having a medium-sized mirror in the bathroom is always a good idea as it makes the space seem larger than it seems. The wooden frame of the mirror matches the flooring in this otherwise mostly white bathroom. Sconce lighting provides ample illumination in the room.

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