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Boutique owner, competitive cheer coach and self-proclaimed décor fanatic Emilly Cooper regularly uploads photos of her home to her Instagram account. She and her husband, Cameron, and their dog, Finley, live in a modern farmhouse in Alabama that's gorgeous through and through.
How the farmhouse looks changes regularly, depending on the season. Assorted pumpkins and faux skeletons decorate the house during Halloween, whereas green wreaths with red bows hang in front during the Christmas season. Emilly also thinks constantly of ways to improve her home, and she shares these updates in her Instagram stories.
This picture-perfect two-story farmhouse features white, gray, blue and green paint on its exterior. The soft tones complement the neatly manicured greenery and front lawn. The long white porch lends the entrance a homey look. The wreath hanging on the front door provides a welcoming touch.
Bask in the sun, and enjoy a glass of sweet tea while hanging out on this porch swing. A throw blanket keeps people warm when the weather becomes a bit chilly at night or early in the morning. The cushions of different sizes and multicolored slipcovers add to the overall picture of casual relaxation.
The light coffee-brown, L-shaped couch takes up most of the space in this room. A small round table with a wooden top and thin hairpin metal legs stands in the middle of a creamy-white patterned area rug. A full-length mirror angled in one corner of the room makes the space look larger. A ceiling fan provides a much-needed breeze during the warmer months, while the fireplace heats the room during the colder seasons.
Adding interest to the décor, chairs of different types and styles surround a long, white rectangular table in the dining room. Candles of varying heights and thicknesses stand as focal points for a white table runner, surrounding a wreath made of green leaves that serves as a centerpiece. A potted indoor plant in one corner of the room provides a touch of green, and a pair of framed sketches of plants continue the nature theme.
With its clean white wall cabinets, white farmhouse sink and stark white table, this kitchen is imbued with a sense of calm and serenity. A tall white pitcher showcases white and orange flowers with green leaves that break the monotony and add a lively pop of color to the space. A simple black lighting fixture on the ceiling provides illumination.
The bed usually serves as the focal point in any bedroom, and this one is no exception. The printed comforter adds touches of color to the bed, while the wooden headboard gives a rustic feel to the space. A small round tray resting on the bed and featuring a small vase of orange flowers, a book and a lighted candle enhances the cozy ambiance.
Three pillows with different shades of orange and a matching peach patterned comforter sit neatly arranged atop the bed in the guest bedroom. The patterned azure blue pillow adds a welcome contrast to the predominantly orange hue. A simple wreath adorns the plain white walls.
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